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Swimming, Exploring, & Getting To Work!

For the past few weeks progress has seemed slow, a lot of research, phone calls, meetings, and the business side of things. But we have also found some time to get to know our property better and start to reap the benefits of the boring stuff. Rhonda and I finally braved the cold water and waded about in the shoals. The rocks are amazingly covered with a freshwater grass and are very soft. We also took a dip further downstream where the water is much deeper and I am already looking for the right tree for the rope swing! After coming out here since last October it was really exciting to finally be able to enjoy this very important aspect of our beautiful property. We also spent a full day hiking through some of the areas where there are no drivable trails yet and were in awe of how many majestic old trees we are blessed with that we had no idea were just waiting for us to discover.

I also took her to the spring I discovered on my own a few days before. Watch the video below and you will feel like you are right there with me...

So much for the fun stuff....we had our first site visit with an architect out of Montgomery, selected our excavators who will do the roadwork and site preparation, and got hooked up with a local Insurance Agent. Work on the road will start on June 1st and should be completed by July 1st! This will be a big step in the journey and I will be posting before and after pics once they get started. Thanks to everyone for following along and we hope we will see you all here at The Destination someday soon!!

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Did you find where the Spring started?????

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