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Create Your Own Special Memorial Day Memories This Year

We all have our own ways of celebrating all of the many holidays throughout the year, and though at first Memorial Day may not seem like a celebratory holiday, reflecting on lives lost in the service of our country does not have to be sad and somber. I believe those who sacrificed for this nation would prefer that we all find ways to revel in the freedoms they died for, sharing our memories of their commitments in positive, life affirming activities.

We would be honored to have you come and spend this memorable holiday with us, here at The Destination Resort. The weather is beautiful in May, the water in Sandy Creek is warming up and the 100 acres is green and growing. All of these work together to create an environment where you can mix introspection and reverence for the past, with a new hope and vitalization of your plans for a better future.

The resort will host a shared brunch for all of our guests on that Sunday and we would love to offer a free Sunday evening stay for those who book Friday and Saturday with us for Memorial weekend. Please contact me directly at 615-477-9813 by voice/test, or at via email to book your stay and get a free Sunday night. We currently have the following glamps available:

The Moondance - one bedroom sleeps up to 4, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - $500*

The Clearwater - 2 bedrooms sleeps up to 6, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - $900*

The Music Loft - 2 bedrooms sleeps up to 6, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - $900*

*Current Service members and/or veterans receive a $150 discount off this rate.

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