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4 Unique Glamping Experiences

Rhonda and I had long dreamed of running a B&B or maybe an old Inn somewhere. Once I retired and we got serious about finding our dream location to spend the rest of our lives sharing with the rest of the world, we just weren't clicking with any of the many properties we spent so many weekends driving to and tromping around on for hours and hours. Strangely enough, we ended up far away from Nashville and we are so glad we did! The Destination Resort is a beautiful piece of God's green earth and so deserves the attention we have been giving it. Once we found our dream location we knew it had to be complimented with an equally different and edgy lodging experience. We believe that glamping will become one of the premier vacation experiences in the world in the near future. and we are excited to be a part of it. There are many, varied types of dwellings and locations that are being labeled glamping and we wanted to make sure that the most important part of this experience was not forgotten....they have to be GLAMOROUS to be glamps! We can't wait to share our themed safari tents with everyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors without missing out on a luxury lodging experience. Check out each of our glamps below and don;t worry if you can't decide on which one to stay in, you can always come back!!

Music Loft Approach
What You Should Know
  • Booking Guest must be 25 or older

  • Two Night Minimum

  • Do not accommodate pets at this time

  • No additional overnight guests

  • Must sign Rental Agreement and Waiver


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