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Open Sesame!

I want to start this post by thanking everyone who has visited the site, become a member, followed us on Facebook, Instagram, and now even Tik Tok!! We truly appreciate each and every one of you and hope that those who have not yet, will come and visit us very soon (or whenever you can). When you do you will be greeted at the road with our new entrance that has just been completed. I have added a whole new set of skills to my tool bag of tricks by taking this project on from planning to completion! Much thanks to Lance Weaver for being his jack of all trades self and diving right in with me as we learned how to lay out and set the support posts for the gates, dig the holes and set the fence posts (not as easy as it might seem), measure for and attach the motorized gate openers, run the wires, bury the wires, connect everything to the control panel, attach the battery, attach and position the solar panel, and then stand very still while holding our breath as we pushed the button for the first time!!

Oh yea, we also had to tear down the old fencing and boom gate!

And it actually worked!!!!!

Just a little fine tuning for the remote keypad, key fobs, and also the buried sensor so the gate opens automatically when you exit.....

Cross another project off the list! Stay tuned for my next blog about the Resort Welcome Arch!

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