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What are People Saying About Us?

After the first few weeks of bookings, we have been so happy to receive such positive comments from the guests who have stayed here. From single couples to groups of friends to family gatherings, everyone has been so kind to share how they felt about their glamping experience here at The Destination.

Here are just a few of those comments. We hope everyone will check out the site, pick a date, and book a stay with us here.

Couple from Texas

We have just checked in the our glamping tent called “The Music Loft” at The Destination Glamping Resort in Dadeville, Alabama and…….WOW!!!! We are blown away by this place. We feel like we are in a treehouse. Every attention to detail has been taken and we are so blessed to be able to stay in this pretty incredible place!!!

Family of 12 from Birmingham

One of the most unforgettable family weekend getaways!! Nothing brings in the fall season and November- the month of gratitude- like some time away in the woods- “Glamping” style!!

Thank you Rhonda Courtney and Skip Courtney for creating this haven for families to get outdoors and experience Gods creation in such a beautiful way!! This is our new favorite place!! And right here in Alabama makes it even cooler!! If you want to go 🏕 camping but don’t love to sleep actually on the ground and you want a little more posh style- Check out The Destination Resort and you will not be disappointed!!

Friends Birthday Getaway

Had a tremendous time Glamping at “The Destination” in Dadeville. Great facilities and tons of fun celebrating two birthdays.

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1 Comment

Suzanne Ives
Suzanne Ives
Feb 27, 2022

Fantastic weekend getaway! Skip and Rhonda are wonderful host and all the little extras that they add is so thoughtful and make for the perfect stay. Their resort is the place to stay if in the Lake Martin area. Glamping at Destination Resort is a must try!!

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