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Welcome To The Destination!

Once you pass through the entrance gates and onto "Easy Street" (our easement road), your journey still has a little over a mile to go before you reach the resort. Don't give up, just keep following the red dirt road around the corner where it turns into "Destination Lane". Now keep heading North until you arrive at The Welcome Arch. Passing under this 17' high arch marks the end of your journey and your arrival at The Destination Resort. Constructing and erecting the arch and sign was no easy task, but once again we managed to take it on!

First we had to get the holes dug for our 20' 6x6 posts. Thank Goodness for great neighbors (who also happen to own Big Boy Toys!)

We assembled the frame right in place...then we used the tractor to raise it high enough to get the ends of the posts to drop into the two holes. Then we we hoisted the entire structure up using a strap connected to the back of the pickup truck. With support poles ready, we leveled both sides and locked the arch into place while the concrete was mixed and poured. 10 bags per side, a lot of concrete! As always, Dexter the Destination Dog makes sure everyone does what they are supposed to do....GIVE HIM TREATS!!

We had to use a tree that had been cut down on the other side of the creek to get 2 12' planks wide enough to make sign.

Thanks to Hobby Lobby for the foot high black wooden letters, although Rhonda had to go all the way to Sylacauga to find the last T...

With the sign assembled and the concrete cured it was finally time to try and raise the 12x3 monster up to the top of the arch. Again it took the tractor pulling the sign up, and a strap to the pickup to keep the top from jerking back and forth from the tension on the strap, and lastly Lance Weaver boldly perched atop the extension ladder to get the chains onto the hooks, one side at a time.

In the end, it turned out perfect and makes a grand statement as you approach it!! It is starting to feel like a real resort around here.....please come and visit with us....and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everyone!

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1 Comment

Dec 14, 2021

It's looking really nice out there guys. One thing at a time. It's all coming together.

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