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Rhondaposa Sunrise

This is the view you may experience (gotta wake up early) while glamping at the Rhondaposa.

Let me see if I can verbally create your experience. You arrive at the Destination Resort and go straight to the Sandy Creek Lodge to meet the Courtney's...

Always a warm welcome here!!

With key in hand you take off to your private western themed glamp to find Hot Tub, Grill, Outdoor Dining & Bonfire Area. Glamp in a warm and cozy tent with log cabin walls, cowboy bed and round, glass enclosed shower.

You relax, make yourselves a beverage and take in the beauty of the woods that surround your glamp. With your own private music playing you may eat dinner on the deck or the dining area inside, have meaningful conversations, or even play one of the friendly competitive games provided. Once comfortable, you can hike, fish, and when the weather is right wade and swim in the creek, or even canoe out to the lake.

Depending on your stay dates, you may decide to join the Courtney's for a Friday Happy Hour or Sunday bunch!

And don't forget that sunrise view coming up over the is worth waking up early to hop in the hot tub with a hot cup of coffee

The Rhondaposa is waiting on you;)

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