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Rhonda Thinks My Tractor's Sexy!

After coming home day after day covered in dirt and sweat, with red clay mud caked on my shoes I noticed my wife wasn't being as warm and cuddly as normal and it just didn't seem fair! Here I was, working harder than I had in a long time and where's the love? I knew I had to do something and do it it fast sooooo.........I bought a tractor!

This Kubota L4701 is a real workhorse! We decked her out with a front loader with a bucket and a grapple, a six foot bush hog (heavy duty mower), a grading blade, and a wood chipper (more later on this tool!)

All the attachments

It didn't take long for me to begin to see results, not only with the work I was getting done but also in the way my wife looked at me again. Guess there really is something to that kooky country song! I'm not wearing overhauls yet, but they may be in my future wardrobe!

The first big job was bush hogging the sides of the easement road which had been growing higher and higher. With the entrance to the property looking good again, I then tackled the site prep for the location where we will erect our first structure. A 20' X 26' metal garage to store all our new toys! Here's a before and after:

Almost cleared

Dropping the gravel

Almost ready!

The hardest part of all this was having to tell Lil Sheila that she would have to share The Destination with Big Shirley! It didn't take long though for them to bond!

Lil Sheila, meet Big Shirley!

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1 Comment

I think Rhonda is right. That tractor is pretty sweet!

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