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Power To The People! (and the land!)

Only two poles on the property, all the rest is underground!

I couldn’t help but use this 60’s anthem to express how excited I am that Alabama Power has finally completed our underground power installation! Considering we had our first conversation with them before we even purchased the property, it has been a long time coming. But time can be a good thing as well. If it hadn’t been for time, we wouldn’t have found the additional piece of land across the creek and saved ourselves tens of thousands of dollars by running our power easement from Highway 49 and across the creek (approx. 1500’) as opposed to running it all the way down the easement road from Agricola Road (approx a mile). They literally used a shotgun device to shoot a line across the creek. Then a larger rope was connected to that and finally the power lines were pulled across and connected! From those poles, everything else has been run underground for minimal environmental impact! Now that they are done, we will have power to the lodge, 4 tent sites, a future build site, and two outdoor entertainment areas!

we also received State approval for our Large Flow Septic system so we will be ready to push forward with installs as the lodge and tents get completed. Our plumbing contractor actually starts work tomorrow to get our 4000' of water main trenched and installed. This will hook us up to the Walnut Hill Public Water service and we are really excited to get that important piece of the puzzle behind us.

This temp power pole is located at the lodge build site!

Thanks to everyone who continues to follow our progress. Hang in there with us as we inch our way closer to our grand opening!

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