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Off to opelika

One Man And A Truck

We didn't have much after selling the Music Loft pretty much fully furnished, but somehow one bedroom and two storage units later this 26 foot yellow monstrosity was packed to the ceiling. we had already taken several trips to try to find somewhere to stay while we are in Alabama, checking out some lake houses close to the property. But in typical Courtney fashion, we actually ended up right back in a loft smack in the middle of downtown Opelika! Thanks to family down there we got everything moved in and after two weeks we are starting to feel like we have somewhere we will be comfortable when we are down there working. Here's a couple of pics of our new digs....

Of course the Baby Grand is snuggled in its own featured corner and perfectly positioned so it can catch all episodes of "The Voice" on the big screen.

Meanwhile out at the property, our surveyor has been finishing up some work to identify a couple of boundary lines while we have been roaming the woods trying to find the perfect locations for the lodge and each of the glamps. There are so many possibilities and we want to make sure we get it just right the first time.

To aid in the search we have added a brand new recruit to The Destination team, Lil Sheila! She is already proving invaluable in our journeys around the property. Lovingly named by Patti, Rhonda's mom-in-law, she is not only a workhorse but a real beauty too!

My two favorite ladies!

From hauling people to pulling stumps and limbs out of the water, Lil Sheila has quickly found the way to my heart! (Sorry Rhonda)

We met last week with the first of three excavators to start getting bids to do some access road improvements and extension, and also to level out an area for parking! We really want to minimize full size vehicle traffic on the property so this will give us a place to park cars and let people use golf carts or just walk to enjoy the natural setting.

We are also in full swing with our architect interviews and I will definitely let you all know as soon as we have someone picked out.

Stay tuned, more to come quickly!

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