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Let The Journey Begin!

This is the very first blog entry for our incredible, terrifying new venture! If you are reading this then please hang in here with us as we start on a whole new chapter in our lives. Rhonda and I find ourselves standing at the beginning of a new life journey that we can't wait to share with amazing people from all over the world. As we transition from our traditional careers we are excited to finally be able to express a lifelong dream of creating "The Destination" that will let us express our passion for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sound familiar? Yep, wasn't me...those were the words of Thomas Jefferson and they still ring true today! If we can find a way in this crazy world to share these three key aspects of existence, then we believe we can achieve true peace and happiness.

Our journey has led us from the Gulf Coast of Florida where met and fell in love, to the country outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee where we raised our two amazing sons Jeremy and Ryan, to the suburbs where we built an amazing house and home together, then to downtown Nashville way before it was cool, to create The Music Loft. Over twelve years we watched as the world caught up with us and realized just how awesome NashVegas was! Our loft in a historical 2nd Ave building morphed from our home into a musical event venue and vacation rental destination that we truly enjoyed sharing with hundreds and hundreds of people that all helped to shape our lives and our vision for the future. The vacation rental activity was also the catalyst for our purchase of Moondance, our motor yacht that we lived on for sooo many weekends as we shared our home with others.

All of these stages in our life will be incorporated into our new chapter so we can cherish and remember them forever as we move forward. In the next blog entry I will fill you in on "The Destination" and more specifically on "Big Sandy Creek" and how we ended up there! So stay tuned and stayed engaged and before you know it the booking buttons will be up and functioning and you can come and enjoy this little piece of God's Green Earth with us!

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Rooting for you guys, can't wait to visit


My heart jumps up and down to be on this earth with you and your family!! May this new chapter be richly blessed with love, laughter, gratitude, peace and joy (besides all the hard work). Love you to the moon and back!! Nancy, Rick and family 😊🙏❤️


Woo Hoo! You guys have made such a positive impact on so many lives and I am so excited to see what this new chapter brings. Good luck guys! If you ever need bass or a friend I'm a phone call away!


So excited for you!


Congratulations Rhonda and Skip.

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