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Hello, yea it's been a while...

"Not much, how about you?" Thought I would let England Dan & John Ford Coley make my apologies for me. When I started this blog I fully intended to post an entry at least every week and obviously I have fallen short of the mark, which I will try to improve on. Here are a few of the projects we have finished.

In my last entry I was showing off "Big Shirley", my tractor, that I had just used to clear the area for our maintenance building. The great folks at R&B Metal Structures did a perfect job, as you can see below.

Tucked into the trees and already half full!

The crew they sent out were very professional and worked together very well.

We are adding another building on the other side of the trail since this one started filling up so quickly.

One of the challenges we have been dealing with is no access to water. Sounds crazy right? with this big creek running all the way around the I finally came up with an idea that I thought might work. Check out the video below:

To my surprise, it actually worked quite well

In spite of all the great progress we were making, the biggest event was the addition to our Destination project team of Lance Weaver! I first met Lance while searching for someone who could make me a custom 30" round cutting board. Not only did he make me a killer board, it turned out that in addition to his woodshop skills he also has experience with trees, lumber, milling, construction, and a host of other talents that we have yet to put to good use. Since he came on board, the property is really starting to take shape and I will be sharing more details in the next blog. Here is a great video of Lance pulling our temporary pontoon dock with his jet ski. Rhonda and his wife Dana came along for the ride. It was quite a journey across the lake and up the creek, but we made it and now have a place to dock small boats or just sit and throw in a line for some fish!

A lot is happening and I will do my best to get back on track with my weekly blogs. Hard to believe it is almost October, which will be a year since we first found this beautiful property!

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