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Hello from Rhonda!

Hello everyone! Rhonda here... Skip has been consumed in managing the largest project we have ever taken on, so I decided it was time for my guest appearance on the blog.

This year has started off with a bang and as Skip focuses more on developing our vision, the whole family is pitching in. I'm thrilled to introduce our newest team members, our son and daughter in law, Jeremy & Haley Dockerty. As many of you know, Jeremy and Haley (along with our two grand dogs, Coco & Sophie) sold their home and relocated to Opelika last November and we could not be more excited!

Jeremy will be leading our lodge as the Executive Chef. He brings over a decade of experience working in restaurants and the hospitality industry. With a deep love for creating an ultimate dining experience and unique recipes, he is sure to deliver meals our guests will not soon forget. After all, he did come up with the recipe for our burger in Burger Wars - which we placed in by the way!

Haley is taking on the role as our Creative Director. She brings tremendous talent in everything creative including painting, decorating, website management and design. If you got a problem, yo she'll solve it, and make it pretty.

We're so thankful that they have joined us on this journey and look forward to sharing more of our progress with you.

Thank you for joining us on an adventure of a lifetime! Look for another blog in the coming weeks - we've got lots to share!

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