Building a Glamp Cabin!

So many things are starting to happen at The Destination that I hardly know where to start. Most importantly, we want to thank you all for hanging in there with us. I know there has been a real dry stretch with communication and hopefully we will get back on track now that there is so much to talk about. Since the last blog, we have come a really long way so I am going to break this down into a couple different entries. Lets start with the glamp cabin!

Months ago I was in Atlanta to meet with Gary Flaks from Bushtech Safari, our tent manufacturers. To be honest, I wanted to see their brick and mortar operation to make sure they were “for real” before we wrote them a sizable check for a couple of tents. As it turns out, they were quite “for real”! The warehouse was full of their smaller traditional camping tents, chairs, canopies, and other gear. They also happened to have four “Glamp Cabin” tents that had been ordered by someone who ended up not buying them. The tent was a complete kit package including everything needed for install and setup, including the lumber to build the deck platform it would sit on! They literally had stacks of lumber, wood flooring, deck boards, and the big round gum poles that made up the frame of the tent. Gary offered me a really good deal and after some discussion and negotiations, The Destination had bought its first tent. Granted it was only 380 sq ft, compared to the 650 sq foot size of the big tents we were getting ready to order, but I was seduced by the “package deal”.

We left the tent there in Atlanta as we just weren’t ready for it yet. There was still so much work to be done just to get the property accessible and then be able to pick a good build site. Little did I know, it was literally months later before Lance and I found ourselves in a rental truck heading back from Atlanta with a load of lumber and a huge crate with the tent in it. We were barely able to get it out of the truck with the tractor but we managed to get it stored in the shed……where it would end up sitting even longer. Turns out the deck lumber from South Africa was never going to cut it with Building Codes here in the states. Of course we didn’t come to that conclusion until we had the deck almost completely built. Definitely a learning experience - but you'll thank us for that when you see what we have planned for that space! Fortunately, we came to our senses just in time and found a great contractor who built us a deck that will probably outlast us all.

This is where the fun truly began! We weren’t building on level ground and the design of the tent definitely created its own set of challenges with the changes in height from one end to the other. After a lot of sweat, a few tears, some clever engineering, a few yelling sessions and more than a few cold beers - we finally got the glamp cabin erected.

It hasn’t taken Rhonda long to dive in and start getting it furnished and decorated and we have already been able to spend the night in our first tent several times, even without electricity and running water.

We have been so impressed with the little cabin tent that we just bought another one! We are really excited to add these smaller tents to our lodging offerings and I think you will be amazed when you see what Rhonda has done with the interior.

Special thanks to our contractor, Jeff Rice, Shane Construction for the great deck build, Lance Weaver for being such a jack of all trades, and to my lovely wife for putting up with all my venting during the process. I can’t wait to build the next one!!

Stay tuned!


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