Be A Part Of Our Couple's Retreat

As we come to the end of our first year, Rhonda and I realized we have been blessed to meet so many incredible people! Part of our mission is to provide an environment where minds, bodies, & spirits can be refreshed and rejuvenated. So now we want to expand that to include relationships as well. It is so easy to get caught up in the normal details and circumstances of life and start taking the partner you have chosen for granted. Sure you still love each other, of course you still spend time together, but too often the routine overshadows the excitement and joy of sharing a life together.

After 38 years together, Rhonda and I still find ourselves focused on working hard on day to day tasks, creating our dream. At times we have to step back and remember to enjoy it and each other and it isn't always easy. We know we aren't alone in this, so we want to offer this opportunity to take a break from the normalcy, step away from the routine, and rediscover the love and excitement that at times gets lost.

Who Should Come?

We are looking for 4 couples to be a part of an exclusive 3 day experience. It doesn't matter if you have been together for decades like us, or perhaps just approaching your first anniversary. We believe that everyone's relationships offer a unique perspective that, when shared, can provide insight to others. Any and all ages are welcome, and you don't even have to be married, as long as you are in a committed relationship.

What Will You Do?

The goal is not to do any deep psychoanalysis or counseling sessions. There won't be any professional marriage therapists, just real couples spending three days together, developing new relationships and in the process, hopefully rejuvenating their own.

Each couple will be staying in one of our Glamping Safari Tents. Check them out here on the website, they are unlike any tent you ever stayed in before, with all the amenities you would expect from any Luxury Lodging accommodations. Each Glamp has a private 7x7 Hot Tub in the deck!

All meals will be prepared and enjoyed at The Sandy Creek Lodge right here on the resort property. We hope those who want to participate will join us in creating some great dining experiences. We will gather info about any food allergies, or other dietary restrictions/desires in advance.

During the three days each couple will have a scheduled Couples Massage Experience from Better Bodies Massage and Spa, our local partner. Take the opportunity to relax and unwind a little!

Build a little trust and communication skill in our Couples Mobile Phone Scavenger Hunt Experience. You will have to work together to solve the mystery of the lost Spanish Gold. The winning couple will get a Private Wine Cellar Dining Experience!

Don't worry, everyone will get to enjoy the Wine Cellar with a Wine Tasting experience. Learn about and enjoy some great wines in the Lodge Storm Shelter (ooops, I mean Wine Cellar)

The best part of the entire retreat will be spending time with two of Nashville's best Hit Songwriters! They will meet with each couple individually (but also be hangin with all of us for the entire retreat) and get the details and the "vibe" they need to write your very own song! Then on Saturday evening they will perform a live show singing not only some of their hits, but also each of the Couple's Songs they have created just for you. You of course get a digital copy to take home with you so you can enjoy it for years to come.

So why wouldn't you want to be a part of this unique opportunity? I don't know, I know Rhonda and I can't wait to share it with each of you.

When Is It?

This is an event we plan to start having throughout the year, but how cool would it be to be part of the very first one February 16-19, 2023?

How Much Is It?

This is an all inclusive event, including the Hit Songwriters and your very own Couple's Song. The cost is $3500 per couple, and again all lodging, meals, and events are included.

Sign Us Up!

Just contact us directly by email, text, or phone and we will arrange your deposit and reserve your slot. The Destination Resort offers only 4 Glamps, two 2 bedroom units, and two 1 bedroom units. Each one is uniquely furnished and decorated with its own theme based on places we have lived in our past. The Glamps will be available on a first come, first selected basis, so you may want to act quickly and pick the one you prefer. They all offer the same amenities and their own unique, romantic charm!

Contact us: Email * Phone/Text 615-477-9813

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